March 26 Zodiac is Aries - Full Horoscope Personality

March 26, Aries

Being an Aries born on March 26th, you have a passionate and independent nature. You are resourceful and calm when you are motivated by something.

Some may say that you never get tired but this is because, as it happens with this and other weaknesses, you manage to hide them very well. It important to you that you project an amazing imagine of yourself every time. Prepare to read a special horoscope profile below.

The zodiac sign for March 26 is Aries.

Astrological symbol: Ram. This is the symbolism of willfulness, confidence and abundance. It is representative for natives born when the Sun is placed in Aries March 21 - April 19.

The Aries Constellation, one of the 12 zodiac constellations is spread on an area of 441 sq degrees and its visible latitudes are +90° to -60°. The brightest stars are Alpha, Beta and Gamma Arietis and its neighboring constellations are Pisces to the West and Taurus to the East.

The name Aries comes from the Latin name for Ram, in Greek the sign for March 26 zodiac sign is called Kriya, while in French they call it Bélier.

Opposite sign: Libra. This is important because it reflects upon the impulsiveness and justice of Libra natives who are thought to be and have everything those born under the Aries sun sign want.

Modality: Cardinal. This presents ambition and courage and also how sensitive natives born on March 26 genuinely are.

Ruling house: The first house. This house represents the start of life, the beginning of all actions. It also refers to physical presence and how other people perceive an individual. This space influences Arieses towards various initiatives and life decisive actions.

Ruling body: Mars. This association reveals enthusiasm and revelation. In the horoscope chart, Mars expressed our temper and reactions. Mars also shares an insight on wits.

Element: Fire. This element represents passion and power and is considered to influence enthusiastic and warm people connected to March 26 zodiac. Fire makes things heat up in association with air, boils water and models earth.

Lucky day: Tuesday. Ruled by Mars this day symbolizes beginning and aspiration and seems to have the same effective flow as the lives of Aries individuals.

Lucky numbers: 4, 5, 12, 16, 21.

Motto: I am, I do!

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March 26 zodiac, Aries

People born on March 26 are independent as they prefer to do things in their own rhythm but at the same time can be quite warm hearted and acceptant with those around. They prefer change in order to progress and they are industrious in their planning and organization, regardless of the situation. They stay away from situations where they have to wait for something to happen and most of them are the life and soul of every party they attend.

Positive traits: These are very industrious and enthusiastic persons with a sharp temper. They seem to never get tired or need any sleep. Aries people are usually resourceful as they seem to get out of any situation easily. They are also very loyal once someone wins their affection and respect. Those born under this sign possess a great combination, they are both creative and analytical. And if this rare mix doesn't lead to success and great achievements, what does?

Negative traits: These natives are impatient and stubborn and they should learn to be more calculated if they don't want to risk damaging their relationships and entering into all kinds of misunderstandings. They are self absorbed and often undiplomatic and they are prone to sadness and even depression because they often prefer to keep things bottled up as they reckon revealing their feelings might destroy that powerful image they want to preserve in front of others.

Love and Compatibility for March 26 Zodiac

Lovers born on March 26 are sentimental and impulsive and they would do anything for their loved ones once they create a passionate connection. They are attracted to unpredictable and eccentric persons. For pretentious Aries love does not come easy, but as they fall in love they become the walking image of fools in love. You can conquer the heart of Aries if you are just as full of flame and free spirited like them. These people don't mind being single as they keep focusing on keeping their lives busy with their goals.

Intuitive and charming it is very difficult for someone to win their heart if they don't show the slightest interest. They don't settle for less than what they consider it's best for them. Otherwise they are aware of their attractiveness and this leads them to a tumultuous love life, falling in and out of love. They are friendly but reserved and their attitude won’t bring many people close to them. They are persistent and courageous in a practical way so they will be a great part of their family team once they decide to settle for someone. They are most compatible with those born on 1st, 4th, 8th, 10th, 13th, 17th, 19th, 22th, 26th, 28th and 31st.

March 26 Zodiac people are most attached to the other two fire signs: Leo and Sagittarius as they tend to share the same vision of life. In love, Aries is in a constant search for someone to open their hearts in front of. Someone to whom they can show their emotional side and not be afraid to get disappointed and the best to offer them this is the compassionate Libra. The least compatible with people born on March 26 are those born under the Pisces Zodiac sign. As for the rest of compatibilities between the other star signs and Aries, you know what they say, stars predispose but people dispose.

Lucky color

Red is the color defined for March 26 and in general for Aries natives.

Red is a hue that indicates passion and energy. It is one of the warmest colors. This zodiac color should be used for objects that are sitting in places where these natives spend most of their time.

Red draws everyone's attention and suggests confidence and action. This is the most suitable color as it is also the symbol for Mars, the ruling planet of the Aries zodiac sign. On the other hand red is temper and anger so when provoked they tend to get aggressive. This color emanates energy and complete action so it should be used cautiously.

Other colors for Aries people are scarlet and carmine.

Representative birthstone

The spectacular diamond is the representative Aries birthstone for those born under the March 26.

Diamond is a precious material that denotes power and elegance. The zodiac birthstone could be used in accessories and jewelry items.

It is said to help with the focus on discovering the long term goals of an individual. The Diamond used to be named the "teardrops of the gods" in ancient Greek.

Another birthstone considered beneficial for Aries natives is Emerald. It symbolizes harmony and the power of regeneration.

Characteristic flower

Honeysuckle is the flower defined for March 26 and in general for Aries natives.

Honeysuckle suggests delicacy and sweetness. This zodiac flower should be used in decorative items in the places these natives spend time.

This flower also reveals an individual ready to go through any hassle in order to accomplish his plan. This flower can be found during spring time but also in the summer.

Other plants that suit Aries natives are Geranium and Ginger.

Symbolic metal

Iron is the metal defined for March 26 and in general for Aries natives.

Iron is a metal that suggests strength and action. This zodiac metal is advised to be used in pendants and earrings.

This strong metal suggests the force of fiery Aries who is easily stimulated just like Iron can be magnetized. Left in moist air, Iron rusts which suggests that it should be handled with care exactly like the Aries native.

Another metal considered beneficial for Aries natives is Silver.

March 26 Zodiac Poll

Those born on March 26 have a passionate approach of life, they are outspoken and cheerful but they also tend to act hastily at times and take unnecessary risks. They somehow manage to be successful both in their field of activity but also in their families. They make great risk taker leaders or very energetic and resourceful middle management. Their health is generally good, however they are prone to accidents or ailments involving their head, eyes and arms.

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Characteristics of March 26.

March 26 Zodiac belongs to the first decan of ARIES (March 21-March 30). This decan is influenced by the planet Mars. Those born under this influence combine the resourceful and innovative nature of Aries with the bravery of the fighting Mars. This decan is known to magnify all the positive and negative characteristics of the Aries zodiac sign.

Being born on the 26th day of the month shows efficiency, dependability, perseverance and adaptability. The numerology for March 26 is 8. This number reveals ambition and great power but also an embrace of the spiritual side, later in life. Those Aries associated with number eight pragmatic and analytical doers in all life matters.

March is the third month of the year, bringing the revival of senses and a great communicational environment. Those born in March are enthusiastic and observant. March 26 Zodiac people are generous and determined. March has as representative symbols the Daffodil and Shamrock as plants, Aquamarine and Emerald as gemstones and Mars, the god of war.

What statistics say about March 26 Zodiac?

In the Gregorian Calendar, March 26 is the 85th day of the year or the 86th day in leap years, while until the end of the year there are 280 days left. The twenty sixth day of spring, this is also the Purple Day in Canada, a day aimed at raising awareness of epilepsy.

Aries as occurrence in birth signs is considered to be the ninth most popular. Odd numbered sign, it is of positive meaning attached to a preponderant masculine symbolism. This is suggestive for extrovert people who are animated and relaxed. The archetype used to characterize this sign is the Freedom Fighter. In March and April, there seems to be a peak of musicians and other artists.

Famous people born on March 26 under the Aries zodiac sign: Tenessee Williams, Robert Frost, Keira Knightley, Steven Tyler and Diana Ross.

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