The 11th House

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This is the house of friendship and is the penultimate of the twelve houses in astrology. The planets and signs that reside in this succedent house on the birth chart influence the future of the individual, their hopes and expectations along with the friendship relations they develop in time.

The natural sign ruler is Aquarius, the eleventh zodiac sign on the horoscope wheel, and the planetary ruler is Uranus, the planet of rebellion and freedom.


This is about ideal connections and the people we are attracted to. Through friendship we find strength, we find peace and we network.

This house is about making a difference next to your peers and governs humanitarian efforts of all kinds. It relates to interactions and priorities in life and adds substance to one’s life through activities that help the society.

Concepts of creativity in hopes and dreams also come to play, along with collective creation. Together, we are better and we have greater chances of success.

The surprising nature of life

This house is where all surprises and sudden changes in life are governed. There are good and bad periods in life and this house is all about planning accordingly.

On the other hand, this is also the main domain of surprises, inventions and all that pertains to the future. It speaks about an individual’s sense of inner purpose but also the group sense.

The eleventh house governs aspects of destiny and personal achievement and how one can be generous and selfless towards their peers.

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