The 10th House

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The tenth of the twelve houses of the zodiac, this is the house of career and social status. The planets and signs that are placed in this house on the birth chart influence the career path, professional status and official positions in life.

The natural sign ruler is Capricorn, the tenth zodiac sign on the horoscope wheel, and the planetary ruler is Saturn, the planet of karma, responsibility and decisions.

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This is the house that governs official matters, being public, tradition and fame as well as awards and achievements. For some, it is a patriarchal house, also known as the midheaven.

It relates to social status and what one I willing to do to achieve a position they can pride with in life.

Prestige and the need to be appreciated in life relates to one’s ego gratification but may also motivate the individual in bettering themselves.

Society is part of this endeavour rather than opposition and once the natives understands this, they will feel more comfortable in their own skin.

Career path

The movement in this house offers most clues about one’s career path and their professional choices.

Vocation is a concept of worldly importance in the tenth house and dictates where the native will best fit in life. Matters of authority also come in play.

Promotions and other career achievements will also be dictated by this house, along with choices of business and other social activities one may decide to partake in.

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