13 reasons why we love to hate Mondays!

By Denise on 2015-05-18, 14544 views
13 reasons why we love to hate Mondays!

Being faced with the prospect of another Monday this morning, we (the team) came up with our take on why we love to hate Mondays, why we think almost everyone has this love – hate affair with this day of the week and where we believe this originated. Here are our top 13 practical reasons, some are sourced by those of us who accept the necessity of Mondays while others are from those who are in a permanent war with them. I think you will soon understand what I’m talking about.

1.  Childhood play

It all starts in childhood when our freedom to play and explore is suddenly regimented in a school program, when all the fun in the weekend comes to an end as another week begins. And of course there is a long way of five days till next weekend.

2. Teenage years

In time it seems to get even worse and Mondays get another tune, that of being responsible. And we all have another battle to fight with responsibility, don’t we…

3. Work routine

Is there anything to add more when it comes to employment and Monday meetings, deadlines or the simple thought of getting up from the cozy bed?!

4. Public mood levels!

We are all empathic beings, aren’t we? Or we are when we consider it is in our advantage… Especially when we subconsciously copy the mood of those around us. So it probably takes you just one grumpy person to meet on your morning commute. You will in turn embrace the love to hate attitude and then contagion it all your way.

5. Conspiracy time

Because we don’t like conspiracies that we are not involved in! And what worse that the obscurity of the way the 24h of Mondays pass in comparisons to those in the other days of the week. It takes forever, we all know it, so there is something shady here for sure.

6. Breaking sleep patterns

And when I say sleeping habit I mean waking up at an hour with two digits instead of one. So of course it is very impolite for Mondays to occur and ask us to wake up a lot earlier than we are used to. One could argue you shouldn’t take two days of five as your habit but hey who are they to judge!

7. Facing consequences hot spot

There’s this whole theory that at the beginning of the week you should regroup, plan for the week and see what you haven’t accomplished the week before. Did I touch it? Mondays are the enemy of all procrastination and you know you love your procrastination so the enemy of your friend should be your enemy also.

8. The double tired argument

If you are like us here, you use your weekends to do the million entertaining and most likely exhausting things you don’t have the time to do during the week so you end up on Mondays more tired than you were Friday afternoon. Do I need to go ahead with this?

9. Mood swings

It’s terribly annoying when people around change their mood quickly, isn’t it?! Then what do you say of how happy and relaxed everyone is at once and how within a few hours frame they are all stressed and worried. This is what happens in the little researched hours between Sundays and Mondays.  This is a twilight zone I’d say.

10. Hating change

We trick ourselves into believing how adaptable we are but we all know it shakes us when things have to change suddenly. And of course, it takes us a lifetime to understand that after the weekend partying Mondays always show up. Uninvited I say!

11. Unwanted phone calls

Did I mention that you are not the only one to start work and cover quotas and deadlines on Mondays? Then think all of those panic inducing calls about paying your debts, loans and mortgages. On Sundays no one reminds you of them? And as the week goes by they seem to slow down, only to get new forces the next Monday.

12. Boring small talk

This takes me to how Monday interactions are only for work, obligations or unpleasant duties while the day before we all seem to gossip and plan barbeques, or at least we do!

13. No party mood

Unless you’re in college and then most of the following won’t apply to you, no matter how much you try, partying on Mondays is just not the same! Whether you can’t gather everyone up or gather enough reasons from the week to drink yourself under the table. Coupled with the previously discussed tendency to follow the crowd, parties and Mondays just don’t seem right enough. This day is awful but we seem to prefer healing our sorrow by complaining to everyone than drink it.

Our conclusion was that we love to hate Mondays as we need a reason for every single change in our life, a reason to complain and a reason to act the way those around us do. Now two questions rise… should we name this day Sunday, would we feel the same about it or a three day weekend would help?

Considering we came up with 13 reasons, our latest spent time activity is brainstorming our best superstitions and we’ll probably share them with you soon!

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