Guidelines for the Website

By Denise on 2014-04-03, 8828 views
Guidelines for the Website

The following post will try to briefly explain what kind of categories and pages you can find on Further in the following blog posts will discuss each category with its features and benefits.

As a concept, we tried to create within the pages of the website a place full of concise and accurate astrological information on all the western zodiac signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. There are two types of info you can get, one carefully gathered by our team and the other that you users provide in your debates, in the special places that we created for you.

Because we believe that zodiac signs can be much better described by thousands and thousands people talking about their zodiac signs beliefs or about their loved ones zodiac signs beliefs than by reading something simply written by a single person. You are the best to describe how you are, how you feel and how this matches to other people in the world that share your birthday. is also the place where you can find descriptions for every birthday in the year.

We consider our home page a window to our home, that is our content. This is where you can find all the categories featured in some in the two menus and some others in the sidebar.

You will also find the Daily Horoscope section that will get you directly to the daily horoscope for each zodiac sign and many more horoscope related articles on which you can debate.

Why wouldn’t a daily horoscope or a horoscope compatibility, defined by thousands and thousands of people with the same zodiac sign, be much closer to reality, than a single person statement? That’s why we invite you all to share your zodiac signs, astrological signs or stars signs thoughts and beliefs within this space.

The menu that features each of the twelve zodiac signs will get you to a zodiac sign category that gathers different articles related to that sign.

Below on the home page you will find many useful links sending you directly to the other categories like Love, Compatibility, Health, Money& Career, Numerology and the blog and also to their subcategories of zodiac signs and numbers respectively.

In the sidebar you have other links sending you to the other categories in Horoscope, 4 Elements, Astrology and Birthdays.

In order to improve your browsing experience and to help you get everything each category has to offer we decided to present their features in the following blog posts. is the place to share! This is the place to talk! Just don’t forget to stop at .CO, we mean at, so pay attention not to miss the only place to talk about zodiac signs!

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