Aquarius August 2015 Monthly Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-07-22, 2955 views

Difficulties in relationships, but also chances for reconciliation in the Aquarius August 2015 monthly horoscope. As very friendly and sociable persons, you are going to like this month. Well, not entirely as some difficulties will come along with the planetary transits through Leo and especially with Venus retrograde there. Your relationships (marriage, business partnerships, lawsuits) will certainly be in the spotlight.

It seems like what you want from the others is admiration as a sign of approval and power as a proof of your superiority. But Venus retrograde and her square to Saturn direct in Scorpio on your tenth astrological house (around August 5) only bring to the fore some patterns of your behaviour that undermine your authentic power, which is always the self-confidence. 

Don’t overstep the line

In essence, it’s exaggerations and overstepping the line in relationships by demanding attention, time, admiration, worship, acclamation and so on. They might not come and this will deeply affect you. The time has come for you to temper the demands you have to other people and to pay attention of what you truly make out.

For some natives, a reconciliation is possible in marriage, business or a legal dispute on condition of letting go of the vainly fight. Even for those couple divorcing, chances are to do that in a peaceful manner if they would become generous, brave and wise enough. And Venus retrograde will help if you let it.

Money between waste and responsibility

The end of the month brings to the fore some issues regarding earning and spending money, but at bottom it’s about your manner of praising things. Several squares and oppositions involving the signs of Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces that are responsible for your values and beliefs can produce both great anxiety and disappointment regarding your earnings.

Maybe the circumstances don’t allow you to gain more money and you better accept that for the moment, but what you can do is to be more organized and responsible with your expenditures. The context requires you adaptability.

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