Aquarius June 2015 Monthly Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-05-26, 2613 views

All the agitation generated by the planetary transits through Gemini – Mercury retrograde and direct and Mars – along with the full Moon and new Moon involving this sign, will be felt by you in your love affair, in the relationship with your children, in expressing your native talents. So, the first thing to do is not to haste in getting to some decisions regarding these matters, at least in the first half of the month.

There is a high probability for a lot of insubstantial or false information to circulate, so it is recommended for you to wait for a calmer time in order to make good choices. Moreover, you don’t seem very sure on arguments to be even making choices.

Charming times ahead

A positive outcome of these transits will be for you to get together again with a former lover or to turn a friend into a lover.

The Uranus-Jupiter trine on Aries-Leo makes you expansive in relationships and in front of an audience. You will appear eloquent, brilliant and popular. It is a good time for marriage proposals, as well as for business partnership negotiations. You feel very generous and this attitude will provide you with a commending appearance. Venus joining Jupiter in Leo brings you an even greater popularity but you better not exaggerate by appealing for compliments and any sorts of admiration.

Have a good start

Starting June 15, Saturn retrograde once again in the last three years on your tenth house brings an impact upon your career. It is your last chance in the next 28 years to discover and use your deepest resources for a professional development as they represent the only thing you can actually control.

A special warning: don’t indulge yourselves with popularity and take care to keep your deepest resources at work.

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