Aries August 2015 Monthly Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-07-22, 2578 views

Time to make true some love issues during this Aries August 2015 monthly horoscope. The special planetary transit of August that is Venus retrograde through Leo is to be involved in many astrological connections during the entire month. That means for you to face tests regarding love affairs, relationships with your children, the way you exploit your personal talents.

Essentially, the above mentioned planetary transits in the fifth house of your general chart deals with your manner of expressing love and passion. And the retrogression phase requires from you to open your eyes, but mostly your heart to possible repetitive patterns in this regard that only brought you frustrations and unhappiness at many times. Therefore, chances are for you to find yourselves thinking that you have been there before.

Expectations and seeking approval

What you need is to comprehend which of your behaviours and beliefs brought you in that position. It might be all about your expectations for others to appreciate your generosity in offering love, the authenticity of your intentions in guiding the loved ones, your ways of stressing your talents.

Thence, the message of Venus retrograde for you is to reach your own approval) instead of demanding it from a lover, your children or an audience.

That is to really provide you with the self-confidence that will inspire people to follow you and to love you. The most important though not easy moment in order for you to become aware of all these is around August 5 when the Venus retrograde in Leo – Saturn direct in Scorpio square will be active.

Duties to be on the rise for Aries

This is due to squares and oppositions to be formed between the signs of Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces. At bottom, the context will require from you scheduling, spirit of cooperation and a helping attitude, seriousness, but at the same time, flexibility in some changing circumstances that are very probable to occur.

Acceptance and obeying the unchangeable will prove very helpful and will prevent health issues that, otherwise, would cause anxiety and despair.

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