Aries June 2015 Monthly Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-05-26, 2569 views

As several tense astrological aspects occur between Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces this month, it is a good idea to use a notebook or a device to keep note of your tasks and meetings. This could prove to be of great help during June, when quick changes in your schedule, troubles in communication and breakdown of intermedia might appear, especially because of Mercury retrograde. All these kind of happenings are with the intention to teach you to be adaptable but not superficial and to be mobile but not scatterbrain. Saturn retrograde is a very exigent teacher in this regard. 

Openness and opportunities

In your career, focus on what is important, not on what seems urgent as this month, too many things are to appear urgent, inclusively due to Mars transiting Gemini. Accept the conceptions and the customs of people very different from you as this approach will permit a fair connection with them.

All month long is marked by the Uranus-Jupiter trine on fire signs that will bring opportunities related to your inventiveness, openness, and inspiration. So, put all these in your activities and the outcomes won’t be late.

Hot summer ahead

Starting June 5, the planet of love, Venus, enters your astrological house responsible for love, where it joins the so-called Great Fortune that is Jupiter. Some kind of love affair could bring a lot of butterflies in the stomach and June is just the start to a hot summer for your love life. Be careful though to temper your eagerness to gain all the admiration and compliments from your partner and not only.

The same two planets, Venus and Jupiter in Leo are responsible for warm and entertaining relationships with your children, as well as for good prospects for investments.

A special warning: don’t rely on mental only, look inside your soul to find your deepest desires and feelings.

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