Cancer August 2015 Monthly Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-07-22, 3025 views

Money is a matter of self-confidence for all concerned natives in the Cancer August 2015 monthly horoscope. What do you really praise? How do you spend money? What sort of satisfaction do you get for the money you spend? Here are some questions for you to answer in August as the astrological house responsible for your money earnings and expenditures is quite challenged by several planetary transits.

Probably the most important now is Venus retrograde in Leo that forms many aspects along its way. It seems some repetitive patterns in the manner you evaluate principles, things and people are responsible for the money-related frustrations.

Pay your duties

Events might bring you in the positions of either paying for previous lavishness in your life style or of gambling on people who seemed to be the promise of success for you. Just use this time to comprehend what stood behind those options of yours. Was it a feeling of getting much value as a person (for instance, through expensive lifestyle far beyond your income) or was it the sense of worthiness when attending a certain circle of people (like, let’s say, the high class)?

Either way, the planetary aspects give you the chance, even though through difficult circumstances, to re-evaluate precisely your values, praising your own capabilities first and that is self-confidence.

I have a special remark for Cancer natives: for those of you with the self-confidence well built, the astrological aspects occurring during August might bring along great long expected money earnings.

It takes a lot for Cancer to balance mind and feelings

Several squares and oppositions formed between the signs of Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces are to make a great disturbing impact upon your way of expressing yourselves. In other words, this is about communicating thoughts, judgements, deep feelings, dreams. All at one time!

Of course it won’t be easy as they tend to alter one another, but it will be helpful for you to act responsible and organized in conveying messages irrespective of their substance.

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