Cancer June 2015 Monthly Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-05-26, 2530 views

The steadiness is what you love the most in life and June brings no steadiness at all. In fact, it seems to be the most changing time of this year, maybe because of the agitation around you. The planetary transits through Gemini can cause you unease as they are placed on the twelve house, responsible for hidden things. Mercury retrograde in Gemini might bring disclosures, while Mars being in the same area of the chart has a lot of mental energy, but little outlet to act as he wants to.

To be more specific, chances are for you to find out a lot of information that drives you towards reacting accordingly, but somehow you are kept prisoner by the circumstances. And this can cause you anxiety and even mental exhausting. So, my advice for you is to breathe deeply and calm down, to consume the accumulated energy in sports and, generally speaking, to watch your health. The most complicated times in this regard are around June 2 and June 16. 

Growth opportunities and rewards

But all these happenings don’t intend to irritate and exhaust you. They try to mould your beliefs so that they will become more supple and, therefore, more easily adaptable to changes that are occurring around you.

In all this agitation, spectacular chances can appear in your career and related to your money earned from work. It is about the Uranus-Jupiter trine on fire signs that pushes you to take an unexpected opportunity for growth with the according rewards in money and, perhaps, not only. For some natives, the position they receive might be in a different field than they have expected or at a level that is much higher than what they have targeted.

Truthful in love

Starting June 15, Saturn retrograde through the last degree of Scorpio is for you the occasion to transform your attitude towards love. It is no more time for compromises here, you must admit which are your desires regarding a love affair or your children … or of having children.

A special warning: don’t make confusion between flexibility and instability, as well as between steadiness and immobility.

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