Capricorn June 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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This month can be quite beneficial for you dear Capricorn. All you have to do is strive for yourself, to take the initiative and take responsibility for your action. It's your luck, so do not let it slip through your fingers. You can also expect for a health and worries free period in June.

The stars help you forge healthy relationships everywhere you go and it seems that you will practice empathy more often than ever.

The ruler of your sun sign, Saturn will be transiting through your relationship house. Be aware of this and make sure you are responsible for your happiness in the relationship and not throw the blame elsewhere.

During the second half of June, focus on eliminating the fear of disappointing those around you. It's an old story that has shown its futility. The mantra of this month: I take the responsibility of dreaming of my unspoken dreams. A lot of clarity and healing will be shown especially towards the end of the month.

June highlights

You are going to appear to be the most interesting person in your entourage during the first week of June and will end up impressing any new people you come across.

You are eloquent and charming but those who are more observant will potentially be able to see that you are not completely comfortable in your own shoes.

This might be because you will be fighting, for the first half of the month, with your own hidden desires and impulses. You would prefer to spend time on your own, doing what you like, and not having to account to anyone for your actions.

But at the same time, your sense of duty seems to prevail once again, and you will play it safe, just like you expect everyone wants you too.

You may surface some tension with your loved ones but as soon as such an episode occurs, you will be quick to apologise and make up for any nuisance you may have created.

Around the 19th, you may go through an important life episode, that will give you hope about your future plans too. Avoid provoking those you are looking for help or support! Be more understanding and flexible!

Capricorn love horoscope for June 2019

It appears that this June will shed some light on your seventh house, that of relationships and marriage.

You are more willing than ever to get involved in the life of the couple, to make more effort to conquer or just impress someone, to prove that the loved one can rely on you, if necessary.

Beyond that, however, your passionate side comes to light, the ability to seduce is heightened too, so the single natives are sure to have a great time.

Capricorns looking for love may encounter a particularly captivating person in one of the most trivial life situations: queue for paying a bill or supermarket, or even in the workplace.

Social life is more active, and this is beneficial to the health of your relationship or to your love life if you are looking for your half.

Career progress this month

For you, in June positive results have been announced through collaborations, associations, especially at work, an improvement on a solid basis of their older or newer collaborations, as well as some difficulties in social integration.

Venus and Mercury form a favorable conjuncture for your sign this month. Due to good influences, you will be able to solve some urgent problems, get rid of a debt and raise more money.

June is the month you can gather and need to work hard for this, whilst July will be the month in which you can spend your rewards and have fun!

Those natives who have their own businesses, who are on their own or who have transformed (or want to transform) a hobby into a source of income, could be in better luck.

But it is a time when you have to pull up your sleeves and move on to what you might consider as "the bottom work". Or, if you are a boss already, you will have to work side by side with your employees or subordinates.

For the unemployed Capricorns, it becomes obvious that nobody hires them directly on a too prestigious position, if they do not have the necessary experience. Not to mention it’s the summer so the job market may be on a slowdown too.

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