Libra June 2015 Monthly Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-05-26, 2430 views

I know that speaking your mind out and offending people is not your style but given the oppositions and squares to be formed during June on the mutable signs, implying the communications axis in your chart, you might do so. Such a circumstance can appear by reason of a tendency to say what you consider to be true, to make your point at any costs.

One of the costs can be a quarrel with a friend or with several of your friends as the planets in Gemini, especially Mercury going retrograde, predispose to misunderstandings and indiscretions (or should I say gossip?).

Be detailed

Other possible developments related to the agitated context created by the planets in Gemini and by Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius until June 15 can regard your short and long distance travelling. The auspices are not very great, so plan all details, but don’t plan too many activities for a certain trip.

The same context might also make you some paper-related troubles, so be careful in handling them. But the retrogression phase of the above-mentioned planets can bring chances, as well. I refer to chances for reencountering or for clearing up things with an old friend.

Starting June 15, Saturn retrograde in Scorpio deals once again with your values and with the way your values assure a proper approach for you to gaining more money. The clue is to discover what resources from your collaborators you can use and how you can motivate them to use those for the mutual benefit.

Auspicious connections

The great Uranus-Jupiter trine on fire signs influencing your social relations brings you a chance to be in the spotlight of your social circle. You can use this for entertainment only or you can take this opportunity to build relationships with people having common interests and with whom you may even plan businesses.

A special warning: take the whole responsibility for your money, both regarding the earnings and the expenditures.

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