Sagittarius August 2015 Monthly Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-07-22, 2613 views

New rhythm for your career: This Sagittarius August 2015 monthly horoscope puts a lot of accent on a very important transit just starting as Jupiter enters Virgo on August 11 2015, a one year long transit and which is to highly influence your career and social importance. I don’t know how many opportunities it is going to bring along for you, but it will certainly put your professional life in order. 

Don’t blame others

A first important astrological context he will be involved in will occur at the end of the month, when oppositions and squares to planets in Scorpio and Pisces are to be formed. At times, you might feel like you do everything right for your career, but something is dragging you down. You might feel the need to blame others, for instance some members of your family.

Forget any tendency for that as what Jupiter in Virgo wants from you is to stick to your professional duties and make sacrifices if necessary for your career growth. It’s the only way it will reward you.

Sagittarians to keep in mind to be right is not a matter of vanity

Many transits and astrological aspects involving Leo during August will challenge your sense of justice. Especially Venus retrograde that has the great task of revealing some of your old beliefs and principles that were probably intended to sustain your self-importance.

In case you claim them for proving moral, intellectual, bravery virtues, especially in a too assertive manner, don’t be in shock or revolt when people don’t agree with you. If you feel rejected when they reject only an idea or belief of yours, it seems to me that there is rather a lack of self-confidence and you better admit it instead of vainly persisting in convincing them you are right.

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