Scorpio August 2015 Monthly Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-07-22, 2925 views

Career to be in the spotlight for Scorpions during this Scorpio August 2015 monthly horoscope. Venus retrograde in Leo goes through your tenth house during the whole month, being involved in many planetary aspects along its way. That means your career and social image are subjects of fixing something there. It might be about your attitude towards power that is either too authoritative or unruly.

So, all depends on your position, but the important thing is to comprehend what are you desiring power and social importance for, as you passionately and determined fight for those, especially starting August 8 when Mars enters Leo, too.

Demanding and exaggerating

Chances are for events to be linked to your professional background or relationships. A strong eagerness for power or insubordination might hide your need to nurture your ego. You need as many proofs as possible of admiration and of your superiority from others.

Unfortunately, Venus retrograde favours such developments, but at the same time, it offers you the chance to become aware of them and to overcome them in order to exert or to obey any socio-professional authority with dignity, courage to say the truth and to do what you genuinely consider to be the right thing.

Nevertheless, consequences of former career endeavours might appear along with Venus retrograde in Leo and they might be linked to dishonesty or exaggerations in exerting authority.

Scorpions might feel lost in love

At the end of August, Saturn being at the end of its transit through your sign, is involved in tense aspects with elements from Virgo and Pisces. These circumstances could cause you loneliness, disappointment or even make you feel lost.

And that is because of high demands in you chart to bring together romantic sentiments, deep desires and mind. I guess it’s all about accepting things as they are, sometimes changing.

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