Scorpio July 2015 Monthly Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-06-22, 2506 views

As described by the Scorpio July 2015 monthly horoscope, the greatest chances are coming in your career at the beginning of the month. And they may be spectacular. Of course, all depends on what you’ve done in this regard, but the Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Leo, precisely on the career and social image house in your chart, speaks about great authority, a lot of admiration gotten from the public or subordinates and a lot of publicity for many of you. 

Touch other people’s hearts

The eventual career development can be supported by a special way of asserting your ideas that is using empathy. You feel the emotions and unspoken expectations around you and you can use them in order to touch the people`s hearts.

Nevertheless, there is a tendency of yours at the moment (during the first days of July) to insist on convincing people of your ideas and beliefs simply out of ambition. 

Transformation through change

The main issues for you are those linked to communication, relationships from abroad and possibly, justice. The tense astrological aspects of oppositions and squares involving the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer and Capricorn require for you to set new goals.

It seems that changes appeared in your duties or your daily routine need other changes, too. They might be so deep that they will regard your beliefs and mind-set. And the problem is that such a development will stir old fears that will in turn disturb a lot your communication.

A tough moment can be in the middle of the month due to Venus in Leo - Saturn retrograde in Scorpio square. Basically, it’s testing your power and authority or the way you exert them. It’s not all about being in control of others, but getting control over yourselves, meaning to find out which are your inner desires and needs and then to accept them.

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