Taurus August 2015 Monthly Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-07-22, 2601 views

Struggle for power to affect both family and partnerships in the Taurus August 2015 monthly horoscope that shows Venus, the ruler of your sign, goes in retrograde motion through Leo all the month long, making many astrological aspects come true.

This is to affect your home and family life mainly by reason of a demanding attitude (starting August 8, Mars has a big input here too). More precisely, you might ask for loved ones to obey your will in many regards on behalf of your generosity, your efforts to provide them the necessary comfort and to protect them.

Open your eyes to patterns

You should be aware that Venus retrograde brings along circumstances that through frustrations try to show you some repetitive patterns you apply in relationships with your family. Instead of acting demanding with others family members, focus on what is your authentic desires that fulfilling them you will eventually obtain the true satisfaction at home.

It’s very important to know those desires as all the planetary aspects involving Leo deal with your feeling of safety and stability. You won’t get this so necessary feeling for every Taurian by authoritative attitude towards family, but by inspiring and motivating them towards common achievements. So, you must win their respect instead of brutally impose it.

Love is a serious business for Taurus

Given Jupiter in Virgo on your fifth astrological house starting this August until September 2016, love life is a subject of interest and, hopefully, of nice chances. But for now, the squares and oppositions involving the signs of Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces at the end of the month address your capacity to stick to duties and responsibilities that either a love affair or a quality relationship with your children require. At times, they might conflict with your social life, especially with the time you used to spend with friends.

It’s not impossible to balance all those fields of life and the important thing is your attitude. Avoid complaining, feeling like you lose something for love, or by contrary escaping responsibilities within relationships.

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