Capricorn Horoscope tomorrow June 25 2018


Indulging day!

These are the prospects of today June 25 2018 in love, money, health and for life in general, with a rating from no stars (not the best auspices) to five stars (excellent auspices). On top of that, there are also do's and don'ts for today.


With regards to life in general, today carries some good auspices.


With regards to love, today carries great auspices.


With regards to money aspects, today carries great auspices.


With regards to health aspects, today carries excellent auspices.

Do's for Capricorn June 25 2018

  • See below the surface in a practical matter!
  • Monetize your passions!
  • Talk about your feelings!
  • Resort to creative working!

Don'ts for Capricorn June 25 2018

  • Don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong!
  • Don't try to be all diplomatic!
  • Avoid indulging your arrogance!
  • Don't disobey authoritative rules!

Capricorn Tomorrow

The current disposition is all about indulging in good foods and pleasure inducing activities, no matter if you are just discovering them now or you return to old habits.


Capricorn June 26 2018

All you want today is to be listened to and appreciated and it seems that the protection you are craving for is not that far away.

Surprisingly though, it might not actua... More

Current Capricorn astrology facts

Ephemeris: Sun in Cancer, Moon in Scorpio, Mercury in Cancer, Venus in Leo and Mars in Aquarius.

The lucky numbers for Capricorn this Monday are: 1, 18, 22 and 35.

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