Libra Decans: Their Impact On Your Personality And Life

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Librans are naturally endowed with both physical attractiveness and mental acuity, the type of equivalence that is to be expected, considering the name. Number 7 in the zodiac, the Libra sign is under the protection of planet Venus.

Venus is known to reign over all things related to social relationships, both friendly and intimate, as well as to one’s speaking skills.

On top of this, there is simply this easefulness surrounding these people, as Air is the primordial element governing Libra. Thus, Librans are not only very good-looking, but also good speakers and advisors.

Libra Decan 1: September 23rd – October 2nd

Librans of the first decan are those who everyone admires for their good looks, and not even the other Libra decans sometimes don’t come close to their striking beauty.

Aside from this, the way in which they handle problems centers around a careful and prudent approach. You will never see a Venus Libran losing their cool over something, unless there is no other option.

But, in general, they make sure to calmly solve the issue at hand either through a step-by-step method, or by trying to persuade and talk their way out of it.

Venus Librans are all about balance and equilibrium, both in their professional life and in a relationship. One could say that everything is ultimately based around the dichotomy of career-love, for them.

They strive to reach that stage with all their might, and it may not be as easy as it seems, especially since they are more focused on attaining professional success, rather than meeting the fated one.

Librans are beings of immense emotional power, and it will take a very long time until you can fully delve and discover their inner workings and thoughts.

Always capable of giving more, the Libra natives tend to appreciate honest and straightforward people, because knowing everything from the get-go makes it tremendously easier for them to cope with potential issues. It’s pretty hard not to like them once you get to stay around for a bit.

Gifted with a great capacity for love, the Librans offer it to everyone around them with nearly no regard for themselves at all.

After all, what else can you expect from someone who nurtures no ill behavior and is really just a tranquil and peace-loving person?

Their notoriety for kindness and warmth is only eclipsed by the hidden potential deep inside. Fame and fortune are at the tips of their fingers. All it takes is a simple act of will, and everything will be theirs.

Libra Decan 2: October 3rd – 13th

Under the patronage of Uranus, the second decan Librans go about their lives with a very optimistic attitude and have long-standing wishes and desires that they want to accomplish.

In fact, they tend to be overly positive about most things, especially when concerning friends and close ones. Believing so innocently that everyone is ultimately good and kind can often lead them to great disillusions, but that does not stop their optimism from reigning free.

If there would be a contest to search for the most balanced individual in the world, emotionally and intellectually, then the Uranus Libran would take the top spot with flying colors.

There is literally no trait of their being that outweighs the rest, not in the slightest. With Venus giving them an extraordinary creative aptitude and seeing as though Uranus is responsible for pragmatic thinking and self-confidence, it would really come as no surprise to find out that most of the successful people in the world are Librans.

Despite their individualistic personas and ability to confront and overcome all obstacles, these natives do feel the need to share everything with everyone.

Attractive beyond belief and in possession of a naturally charming demeanor, finding potential partners has never been easier. Qualities that catch their attention revolve around warmth, frankness, compassion and humor.

It is said that you can spot a Libran from a mile away; the smile and their overly enthusiastic behavior betrays them. It’s true though that offering love and joy seems the natural thing to do, whilst asking for anything in return is never an option.

Their love is true and free for everyone to enjoy. What is really odd about them is that, in spite of all the attention and interest shown, they themselves are quite lonely most of the time.

Libra Decan 3: October 14th – 22nd

The Gemini Librans are, above all, intelligent communicators, and they excel in this field with the help of Mercury’s influence that gives them an edge over others.

The interests of a third decan native range from public speaking, where body language is innately developed, reading books, and pretty much everything related to the humanistic fields of art.

A Gemini Libran is one-part imagination, one-part conviction and enthusiasm, and one-part impetuosity and a daring attitude, the rest making for a mixture of Mercury, Venus and Mars’ influences.

All this leads to an individual full of creative and verbal potency, as well as the strength to resist that all-consuming drive. After all this is said and done, a native Gemini Libran’s prominent protector is still Venus, and so all that chaos coming from the other planets is naturally harmonized and brought together.

Intelligence is one of their strong suits and combined with the natural attractiveness of a native Libran, there can only be one result: a tremendously interesting and charming individual each of us would love to spend time with.

Their partners must be reliable and even more importantly, to act as the head of the family, in order for them to feel secure and comfortable.

Responsibilities and mandatory tasks irritate and make them distant, which is why someone that can help ease the pressure of their shoulders is a prime love candidate.

A highly dynamic and attractive individual, the Gemini Libran is a leader of the people, for that there are no doubts. Rather intellectual than emotional, Librans consider knowledge to be the utmost achievement that one can attain in this life, and innovation seems as natural as breathing.

Actions taken by these natives are always founded on kindness and compassion, and their unconscious mind can work wonders, if allowed free reign.

All in all, there is nothing more entertaining and funny than a talkative Libran who starts cracking jokes, making for quite a delightful company.

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