Capricorn August 2015 Monthly Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-07-22, 2728 views

Time has come to pay debts in the Capricorn August 2015 monthly horoscope: The most crowded sign this month is certainly Capricorn, which is responsible of shared money and other values in your astrological chart. There is also Venus retrograde that makes many aspects along her way through Leo, bringing to the fore some consequences of the manner you used to spend money, especially for things with a long use life.

Admit your behaviour

The most difficult times are to come for those Capricorn natives who choose a style of life far beyond they actually afford, spending on credits or just wasting their wealth. It’s about a lavish style of buying expensive, sparkling things and, along them, a certain feeling of being somebody, of belonging a certain class and of standing out in relief.

If this is your case, use the Venus retrograde transit for admitting your spending behaviours and all they are covering because it’s time for you to deeply transform your shared values meaning those values involving partners (of marriage or business), family, social circle. They are referring especially to inner satisfaction versus outside world approval. How are you to bring them together?

Capricorns to express both their feelings and thoughts

The astrological context of the end of the month is quite complicated as several squares and oppositions involve the signs of Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces influencing mainly your communication. At bottom, it looks like a need for expressing both feelings under the demand of reasoning them.

I know there is the temptation of playing the role of the sensitive victim, but I wouldn’t recommend you this as, starting August 11, 2015, Jupiter in Virgo requires you to stick to moral standards and to consider only responsible judgements.

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