Leo August 2015 Monthly Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-07-22, 3546 views

The trueness of your desires to be tested in the Leo August 2015 monthly horoscope as you have all the resources to do all you want, only that it’s advisable for you to really know what you want. In spite of the fact this sounds so simple, Venus retrograde through your sign, involved in several astrological aspects during the whole month, will test the validity of your desires regarding various fields of interest for you.

This planetary transit in the given context consists in a big opportunity for you to discover old repetitive patterns of your behaviour that brought you all over again in similar situations. It might be linked to the way you act towards partners (in love affairs, marriage, business), family, friends or towards an audience.

Reflect and discover

Any exaggeration in your demands hides a deep need for approval from the outside world. This is the main issue Venus retrograde along with the other transits through Leo require from you: to reflect upon it in order to comprehend it. 

But what it is to cost you the most is to admit what you will eventually discover in need to be modified in your behaviour. That means losing (renuntarea la) the vanity. And we all know it’s not an easy thing, especially for a Leo native. But keep in mind that becoming aware of the patterns in your attitude towards relationships will provide you with more self-confidence.

During this month, you can make some important changes in your expectations from others and consequently, in the way you offer love, inspiration, your knowledge and so on, but you also can change the look in order to feel yourselves (even more) unique, but hopefully not a freak.

Money to bring anxiety for Leo

Several tense astrological aspects involving the signs of Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces make an impact on your money and on your feelings of security. The most difficult circumstances seem to be for those having to pay old debts linked with the house or other patrimony.

But the important thing here is that Jupiter in Virgo is just starting his almost one year transit through your astrological house responsible for money. And what he requires from you is to take all the chances to work in an organized and responsible manner, to make yourselves useful and to praise collaborations.

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