Pisces August 2015 Monthly Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-07-22, 2880 views

Relationships to require responsibilities in the Pisces August 2015 monthly horoscope, especially from August 11 as Jupiter enters Virgo which is responsible for marriage, business partnerships and legal conflicts in your astrological chart.

For a year or so, he might bring you some achievements regarding these fields, but the most important thing is that this planetary transit will put your relationships in order. In other words, Jupiter will make clear both your duties and your partner’s in every relationship and will encourage the mutual supportive attitude.

Consequences of workplace repetitive patterns

And one important moment involving Jupiter in Virgo is to occur at the end of August when the planet forms squares and oppositions with elements from Scorpio and Pisces.

What you must avoid is falling in disappointment and playing the victim in relationships in order to escape your both moral and actual (concrete) duties.

Many transits and astrological aspects involving the sign of Leo will affect your work and, possibly, your heath condition. Among all, Venus retrograde during the whole month through Leo bring to the fore some repetitive patterns of your manner of using your personal talents through work.

Search for approval

You look for approval from outside or even from admiration for your results. But it’s your self-confidence that you really must build in order to have the courage to expose and to make the best out of your gifts and capabilities through professional activities.

For instance, in August, you might find the courage to transform a hobby in a job that is going to bring you authentic satisfaction that is far more important than some people’s approval.

For other Pisces natives, Venus retrograde through Leo and the aspects that involve it might bring authority-related issues at work, especially in relationships with colleagues and subordinates. What you need to learn with this occasion is to act more like a guide who can inspire and motivate collaborators and be less bossy.

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