Virgo August 2015 Monthly Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-07-22, 3357 views

Jupiter to enter Virgo in some tense circumstances within the Virgo August 2015 monthly horoscope. Big day August 11, 2015 for you as this is the start of more than one year planetary transit of Jupiter through Virgo. You can expect many nice developments in your life, but do not dream too much about them as what the Great Fortune requires from you is to act responsible, helpful, cooperative and in a substantial manner. Nothing is going to come to you just like that.

Temper yourself

And the first important time to see that is the end of August, when squares and oppositions involving both Jupiter and the Sun in Virgo bring along anxiety linked to some changes in relationships. The main risks are to feel hopeless and to claim being the victim of the situation.

Many of you might choose an acid tone as a specific way to express some resentment, but also as a way of hurting people. This is not the wise way to mix the posture of the victim with the one of the passive verbal aggressor.

Better try to get beyond anxiety and to comprehend where all the worries and despairs come from. You might discover there is your need for being in control of every little thing, but sometimes the changes in your close environment and in the society make this impossible to fulfil. And there are to come few more years of changes to challenge your adaptability to new situations. So, make the first step in this direction at the end of the month.

Venus retrograde to bring you healing, but only with your help

This disposition along with the astrological aspects it forms along her way makes an impact on your twelfth house. It’s a time for you to become aware of the repetitive patterns and of hidden beliefs that caused you sufferings all over again. It might be a dependency of a lover, a lack of moral strength, an abandonment into a hidden relationship.

Venus retrograde asks you – perhaps in a hurtful way – what is the value you put on yourselves. Or, in other words, what do you deserve? A hidden place and an incomplete way of living a love story? I hope not.

For some Virgo natives, especially for those who have chosen to learn from their own mistakes instead of becoming captive from their low self-confidence, love might come as a deep healer, either as a person or as a transforming way of living that is a more confident one.

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