Scorpio Decans: Their Impact On Your Personality And Life

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The Scorpios are those individuals who your partner will most probably cheat on you with. Their physical allure and attractiveness is unrivaled and intoxicating to most people, especially to the opposite sex.

Lascivious and very good-looking, refusing the advances of a Scorpio is next to impossible.

Cleansed by the ever-changing powers of Water, their element, these natives feel and live at a much higher degree than others do. Their natural sensitivity and profoundness may lead them to stressful and harmful emotional instability.

Scorpio Decan 1: October 23rd – November 2nd

Although commonly associated with Pluto, Scorpios are more affected by the combative spirit and impetuousness that Mars instills in them.

They will to keep on going despite all obstacles and dangers making Scorpio an in-born fighter, a warrior set on a path.

They will never surrender, never give up and never resign themselves to failure or the prospect of failure. Struggling with every inch of their being, filled with conviction and vitality, a Scorpio of the first decan will succeed or die trying.

There are no in-betweens. This is the true nature of this native, the unflinching and unbeatable attitude towards life and its perils.

They consider honesty and honor of paramount importance, taking it for granted that they should keep the promises made and stick by their words.

In a relationship, a Scorpio will fight to the end to keep it all in order and prevent anything bad from happening.

When many people would lose their conviction and motivation, a Scorpio will still be as fearless and fierce as ever.

However, if the times comes that this native lets go, you can be sure that he’s never coming back. Not for anything in the world.

After all the effort he’s put in, failure is the last thing this native wants, and so they would rather start anew than come back. This means that a Scorpio will always look for like-minded people to befriend and fall in love with.

Attracted to the unknown and determined to seek it out and uncover it, they are obviously very charming and intriguing in the eyes of others.

With a bright smile and a cheering attitude, Scorpios can conquer everyone’s attention and interest in no time. And let’s not talk about how good in bed they are.

That’s just like saying dogs can bark. Well, obviously, that’s what dogs do, they bark. It’s a given then that a Scorpio can easily take you to the peaks of ecstasy, all you have to do is give in and let the magic happen.

Scorpio Decan 2: November 3rd – 12th

What Neptune does to the second decan Scorpio is lessen the aggressiveness and the all-out war attitude, giving way for a calmer and more systematic approach.

While they retain the proper characteristics of an innate Scorpio (conviction, perseverance and ambition), it doesn’t come as natural anymore to these people to rush in head forward to meet a challenge.

Perhaps a more amiable and possibly even more lucrative solution is available, and that is exactly what this native is looking for. A plan to beat all other plans.

The combination of Neptune and Mars ensures that, if they’ve got nothing on their schedule, a Scorpio will start thinking ahead, testing ideas, checking for possible problems, so that they can finally come out with a battle strategy to implement.

Moreover, the Pisces ascendancy delivers a strong punch to the Scorpio, one covered in humanitarianism and a kindness that few can match.

Scorpio-Pisces natives are never content with half-measures and things done superficially. This is why, in a relationship, they are looking for truthful and honest individuals who can make them feel as though nothing and no one else matters more.

If you listen to what they have to say and try to understand and empathize with what they feel, you will have gained their complete trust.

Once that trust has set in stone, they will start paying double attention and putting in double the efforts towards advancing professionally as well.

With all that limitless compassion, sense of appreciation, and generosity, second decan Scorpios make for great friends and great lovers. If all goes well and they feel truly in their element, the Scorpio-Pisces can be a very, let’s say intriguing and interesting intimate companion.

They are very lustful and sexually-active individuals, and it’s really worth it to gain the trust of someone like this.

Scorpio Decan 3: November 13th – 21st

The Cancer ascendancy makes the third decan Scorpio a family man, in the true sense of the word.

Feeling as though family is the ultimate goal in life, they really cherish every moment spent with close ones. This belief is so deep in fact, that they might inadvertently allow family members to influence their growth and development.

Although mommy’s little child may heavily rely on parental advice and support, at least at first, later on they will grow to be independent and have a family of their own.

Scorpio-Cancers are by far the most adaptable and efficient individuals among all other Scorpios. Why, do you ask? Well, that’s simple. There are both incredibly pragmatic and far-sighted individuals, as well as cheerful and robust fellows who don’ take no for an answer.

This is a result of the chemistry between the Moon and Mars, which makes for this mélange of qualities and perks to be so evident.

Also, these natives are incredibly proficient at speaking in public and argumentative debates, persuasion and manipulation being one of the many techniques innate to them.

They could be lawyers, reporters, journalists and basically anything that involves interacting with people all around the globe.

They can and will do it exceptionally, just like anything else they set their mind on. Determined and self-aware, the third decan Scorpio aims for success and nothing else.

A Scorpio of the third decan will invest almost all their time and attention towards someone that catches their interest, and maybe their heart.

Nothing is too much or too complicated when a Scorpio falls in love. They would do anything and everything to keep you happy and satisfied. However, because there is a big “however” here, if things don’t meet their expectations and start falling apart, they will leave and never return.

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