Aries Decans: Their Impact On Your Personality And Life

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Faithful to the sign marking their birth, Arians stand out as native leaders, filled with passion, charisma and enthusiasm. They are explosive in nature and they love to impose their will on others, as part of the cult of personality every Arian craves for.

Being defined by the Fire element of their native zodiac sign, Arians are energic and combative, 2 qualities heavily influenced also by Mars, the sign’s representative planet. And the Ram defines an Arians character more than anything else, which is to say they are mostly defined by stubbornness, high levels of energy and determination more than anything else.

Aries Decan 1: March 21st – 30th

Those born in the first decan come out as egocentric individuals, somewhat narcissistic and dominant. Because their social energy levels spike constantly, they cannot be put in their place without some repercussions to arrive.

Expect heavy opposition when trying to tame an Arian, because it is in his nature to overthrow your attempts at controlling him.

An Arian never wastes time thinking about the potential consequences of their actions. Instead, they will rather jump in the middle of the action, led by a strong will, an unbreakable level of self-confidence and an aggressive personality that bares no shackles.

Arians are determined and hold well-defined sets of moral values. As long as they believe in them, you will not be able to change their mind easily.

Their fulminant character is fueled by Mars, the dominant planet, which tends to make them unpredictable at times. Their mood changes faster than others’, but it never shifts too violently to disrupt their composure.

They still have to maintain the impression of potent, worthy leaders, both within their families and in the social groups they are part of.

With regards to romantic relationships, Arians born in decan 1 stay true to their most intimate nature. Having a strong sense of humor and a unique propensity towards realism, Arians have no problems with building strong, long-lasting relationships. That is, as long as they are allowed the freedom to express themselves. Try to contain their wild temperament and you are doomed to fail miserably.

Aries Decan 2: March 31st – April 10th

The second decan lies under the influence of the Sun (the governor of the Leo). This instils new qualities into those born in this period, the prevalent one being creativity.

It is just as impetuous and explosive as the very wild nature of your everyday Arian and it is this innate inclination towards creativity that steers their lives sometimes abruptly. Their potential is immense and the fact that they are positive, dynamic and daring just adds up to whole.

Being born under the Sun, Arians of decan 2 share some of its warmth as they tend to shine above all others. They are proud, energetic and passionate about everything they do.

Few things matter more in life than harnessing pleasure and love and Arians prefer their lives to remain as balanced as possible. At times they will sacrifice a great deal to achieve that goals.

Because of their natural talent and creative mindset, the Arians of the second decan make for great speakers, with a lot of charisma and inventiveness. Their ostensive charm fuels their charisma as they will use their immense reserves of vitality to build strong relationships to those around them. They are loyal and friendly and you can count on them as both friends and business associates.

Protective by nature, an Aries-Leo individual will go to great lengths to protect his loved ones, whether family or friends and insulting or hurting anyone under his protection is bound to have dire consequences.

And, in love, they are most attracted to those able to match their incredibly powerful vitality. They need someone able to empathize with them, feel their needs, joys and sorrows and be there for them in times of need. Being loyal, it is loyalty what they ask for in return.

Aries Decan 3: April 11th – 19th

Jupiter marks the third Aries decan, bringing along with it the cerebral potency of the Sagittarius sign. Occupying the 9th House of the higher mind, the influence of the Sagittarius on Third Decan born Arians manifests itself more in the realm of the intellect.

This, combined with the natural creativity of the Arian born individuals, makes for a higher flexibility of the mind, allowing Arians to use their determination and focus to new, higher goals.

And it is this increased flexibility of the mind that makes decan 3 Arians more imaginative than others, with a strong propensity towards philosophy and intellectual analysis. As a matter of fact, the individuals tend to be extremely observant, analytical and detailed oriented, often noticing aspects others cannot. They are vivacious and energetic, which means they are hardly calm and calculated in any situation. But, when they are, great things may emerge.

There are few things that matter more to Aries/Sagittarius individuals than personal freedom. They would go to extreme lengths to preserve it as much as possible, because they take their life force from their unique creativity, along with the freedom to make use of it however they please. They must be in full control of their destiny, no matter the sacrifices required.

Out of the 3 types of Aries born characters, it is this one that shows the most social immersion. Aries/Sagittarius are highly sociable people, taking others by storm with their unbreakable positivity and generosity.

Due to their native propensity towards optimism, you will hardly hear any Aries-born complaining about anything. Life is easy for Arians of the third decan and they act like it every moment of the day. And if you make friends with them, make sure you also make friends with their friends, because they are very protective of their family and close acquaintances.

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