The planets of the zodiac

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The planets in the Solar system are also used in western astrology as rulers of the zodiac signs. This means that these planets are said to influence the symbolism and traits of the zodiac sign they are set to guard.

These planets are also known as ruling planets or ruling bodies. In the following lines will uncover a brief description of the planets used in astrology and their connection to the twelve zodiac signs.

Aries ruling body: Mars. This is the planet of aggressiveness and competition. This explains why Arieses are so fierce and impulsive but also suggests their assertiveness and strong will. They are daring individuals with a lot of energy and physical power.

Taurus ruling body: Venus. This is the planet of sensuality and simplicity. This explains the directness of a native in Taurus and also the secret joy they find in appreciating, at times, the beauty of life.

Gemini ruling body: Mercury. This is the planet of communication, talents and permanent energy. This explains the curious and apparently all knowing nature of Gemini. They know how to talk to anyone and how to say the right words. The world is fascinating and Gemini loves to discover it step by step.

Cancer ruling body: The Moon. This is the planet of basic needs, emotions, nurturing and regular patterns. There is no day like the other in the life of the “moon child”. Emotions swing wildly and stability is found only when the right amount of love, care and protection are offered to the moody Cancerian.

Leo ruling body: The Sun. The center of our solar system is crowned over a leader like zodiac sign full of will and equipped with all it takes to protect his territory, surpass all life troubles and achieve success. Just like the Sun, Leo feels like it is the center of the universe and nothing can go on without him knowing.

Virgo ruling body: Mercury. This is the planet of introspection, clarity of thought and consciousness over all life matters. This explains why Virgos often get caught up with perfecting last details on their plans and why Virgos are great communicators, often hiding many other talents waiting to unravel.

Libra ruling body: Venus. This is the planet of feminism, romance and beauty. This explains why despite their calm and composed front, Libras have in fact a complex nature and are passionate and attractive. 

Scorpio ruling body: Pluto. This is the planet of mystery, desire, enterprise and transformation. This suggests the willfulness of Scorpio who is always on the verge to gain something new. Scorpios are magnetic and attractive but also possessive and vengeful.

Sagittarius ruling body: Jupiter. This is the planet of expansion, grand gestures, curiosity and construction. It is also a place of good fortune and Sagittarius is lucky to be in this combination. The magnitude of what Sagittarius aims in life is well supported by the Jupiterian influence.

Capricorn ruling body: Saturn. This is the planet of boundaries and limitations. Capricorn sure knows he/she needs to work their way up and that there are no short cuts in life. This makes them ambitious, practical and realistic in all endeavors.

Aquarius ruling body: Uranus. This is the planet of revolution, change and transformation. This suggests that Aquarius has learned to adapt to all sudden changes. Uranus can also release one’s tensions and transform them into creative energy.

Pisces ruling body: Neptune. This is the planet of spiritual improvement over dissolution of reality. This suggests that Pisces should rely on their intuition and exceed the use of their fifth senses. Pisces are also gifted with at least one talent although it usually unravels later in life.

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